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Mama, gusto ko neto. Pls. :(

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Handwritten letters. Old fashioned handwritten letters had always been highly appreciated. I adore personally written letters mainly because of the effort put into making them.

Flowers. Flowers, especially roses, are one of the several things that can make a girl swoon. But I think it’s never really the petals that do whatever charm that’s done, it usually depends on how the guy presents them.

Movies. Lazing around on a normal weekend will never be complete without the usual stacks of DVDs. I’m a real movie goer and the old way of “chilling” with a guy is definitely a favored must.

Dinner dates. It’s not just about the food, dinner dates occasionally turn out really well when good conversations are made.

Theme parks. I’m a sucker for adventure, and a regular theme park can be enough for me. Even though I would eventually chicken out in roller coasters, I still think it’s a pretty chill thing to do.

Road trips. Alongside with theme parks, going on a road trip might entice slight hesitation when the plan is first proposed. I get car sick really quick that I’m usually no fun whenever my family goes out. But still, though.

Cuddling. Cuddling is good, and I believe it’s actually pretty healthy.

Photographs. And of course, the endless memories withheld in pictures. I want to document basically everything that happens, and possibly make a scrap book while I’m at it.

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